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Shuttlecock game

Shuttlecock game

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A shuttlecock is a high-drag projectile used in the sport of badminton. It has an open conical This interferes with the game, as the impairment on the flight of the shuttle may misdirect the direction of the shuttlecock. Most experienced and. Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it Games employing shuttlecocks have been played for centuries across Eurasia, but the modern game of badminton developed in the midth. Jianzi (Chinese: 毽子), tī jianzi (踢毽子), tī jian (踢毽) or jianqiú (毽球), also known by other The shuttlecock (called a jianzi in the Chinese game and also known in English as a 'Chinese hacky sack' or 'kinja') typically has four feathers fixed.

Shuttlecock Games to play on your own or with a group of children to test your skill | Kids Games from Activity Village. Battledore and shuttlecock, children's game played by two persons using small rackets called battledores, which are made of parchment, plastic, or rows of gut. Object of the Game. The object of badminton is to hit the shuttlecock over the net and have it land in the designated court areas. If your opponent manages to.

Get the best quality shuttle for badminton games. View our range of badminton products. A shuttlecock shall have 16 feathers fixed in a cork base covered in kid leather. You will enjoy the game more if you can send the shuttles to the baseline. A game of shuttlecock requires little special equipment. A birdie and a ready foot are all that is needed to play the most popular street game in Hanoi and. Battledore and Shuttlecock - History, evolution and information of the game of Badminton. A relative of both modern badminton and table tennis, this game includes two soft -wood paddles known as "battledore" and two feather and cork "shuttlecocks.


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