Belize Wedding & Fishing

Oh man it was so good.   What more could a man ask for?  Marry his soul mate, spend a week with friends and family, had a few great dives, and catch a handful of fish, including my first permit.  This was the way to get married without a doubt.  We started off with 3 days at Maruba Spa in the the jungle.  It was a really unique location and wish we would have had more of our group there.  The bugs were horrible though.  If it was not for the bugs that place would be super cool.  The food was a bit lacking too.  We did the spa and massage day, it is pretty amazing getting a massage there.  I wish we would have had more spa time.  Laurel talked me into going to Altun Ha.  I have done quite a few ruins though out my travels and was not excited about how it sounded.  Laurel had never seen any Maya ruins, and I am glad she talked me into going.  It was a unique experience.  It was a rainy afternoon so we were the only ones there.  Being isolated made it.  Hearing the echos with absolutely no background noise.  There was also talk of tarpon on hoppers by our guide.  This alone would make a trip to Belize worthwhile.

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Next was Singing Sands Resort on Maya Beach just north of Placencia.  I would love to spend some more time at this place.  We spent 5 days here, I wish it was 15.  The whole of the wedding party came here.  It was so so perfect having so many friends and family here to celebrate our wedding.  Me and my buddy Danny had planned to go permit fishing on the morning of my wedding day, but our guide fell though.  It was a bummer but all it meant we that we get to go on another fishing trip together.  Placencia is definantly going to be visited by me again.

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The last leg of our trip was spent at Fantasy Island a few miles of the coast of Dangira.  I will let the pictures do the talking about this part of the tr

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